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About Us

It's been said that no journey is too long with good company, and the road to success is no exception. You are in good company with VAIBHAM ACCOUNTS SERVICES. Collaboration just comes naturally here. The kind of professional collaboration that based on trust, continuity and experience with people you know and can rely on. Creative problem solvers who can understand the importance of being accountable.

2 Years ago a young professional in accounts took an irreversible decision to step confidently into the challenging world of accounting profession. Bhavik was 22 years old. His youth notwithstanding, he had a vision- to be the head of a large dynamic, flourishing and progressive accountancy firm and he believed he had the tools to make his dream a really- specialised knowledge , good interpersonal and communication skills, effective leadership traits and patience. A passion for excellence and most importantly confidence and unflinching desire to serve and satisfy the diverse needs of every client while being uncompromising in the maintenance of the highest standards and business ethics.

VAIBHAM ACCOUNTS SERVICES (VAS) is in fact young Bhavik’s dream come true. Bhavik has over the years, forged close-knit and totally committed team of qualified and semi qualified staff who have together earned the firm to the excellent reputation it enjoys today. Chartered Accountants and learners supported by a team of other competent qualified staff with vast and diverse experience are the backbone of the firm. Whatever services the firm provides by all levels of staff is done expertly, accurately, honestly, promptly, courteously and with due regard to the aspect of cost effectiveness and confidentially. VAS is currently privilege to serve a small number of local and international firms and individuals. Some of them are manufacturing, trading, exporting and foreign multinational’s business in India.

The Services which the firm provides include accounting, internal audit, business process outsourcing for foreign clients, setting up business for foreign clients, direct-indirect taxation, payroll, payroll taxation, corporate taxation, investigation audit, management consultancy services etc.

We proudly state that we have a clear and confident long path to go for our operations. A foray into the world of international outsourcing and other allied avenues of expansion is a very distinct and proximate possibility. We have the staff, associate experts and keen desire to help every client to take advantage of the opportunities of a round world which, with rapid globalization, is getting flatter every day. In whatever we do it is the firm’s credo to give a thrust to being worthy of the trust response in us by all of our much valued clients and keep ourselves constantly updated to meet their every existing and anticipated need. Every journey has an end but it is the journey that matters. VAS is fully geared and committed to take every client on the path of progress, smoothly and profitably.